Who or What is Stealing Your Thunder?

It is spring again, and it is always a time of renewal, revival and restoration for life goals. After a hard winter, the spring energy is welcomed because it is light, bright and hopeful. Change is in the air and this season has begun to sprout excitement and engagement.

I have focused on eliminating the things that steal my thunder in the past few months. The biggest culprit has been my own thoughts and interpretations of life events. I think the single worst event for me so far this year was losing my dear horse friend, Lyle. It is one of those life events that you can’t explain and will never have an answer for. My mind wants to know why it happened, my heart aches because I will never have the answer. Have you ever had to let go and never know why? It is very difficult to do.

I realize that holding on to negative thoughts or trying to figure out the impossible will ultimately steal my thunder. In life sometimes things just happen with no explanation or reason. We need to look no further than the daily news to learn about things happening in the world today that are beyond comprehension. Hope is what we have has humans to allow us to move forward towards a brighter future.

My lesson this spring is to let go and focus on what matters. The power of positivity is just the thunder I need. Welcome spring!       

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