What Brings You Joy?

What brings you joy? This is a question I asked my husband and it has been a question that has been on my mind lately. I think of joy as being a surge of emotions like a burst of energy. My husband asked me if joy was like happiness and I think they are related but different. Happiness is a consistent feeling like the way you feel when you laugh a lot, or when your heart feels full, open and warm. Joy to me is a cousin to happiness but here is my interpretation of the difference.

Joy to me is the overwhelming feelings I experience when I see my son after a long hard work day, and he runs into my arms. Joy is when I wore my first cap and gown for my first college graduation. I remember standing in line waiting for the ceremonial music to begin and knowing that my closest friends and family where there to watch me graduate. It was when I found out I was pregnant with my rainbow baby and I welcomed him safely into this world…pure joy! It was when my husband said to me the night before our wedding that he can’t wait to marry me tomorrow. It is when I see my son play with his grandparents. It is also seeing my dad and son play together up at the cabin and knowing that my son will have those memories of grandpa to carry in his heart for his lifetime. It is when I watch my rescued dog run free at the cabin, lay in the son, and just be a happy dog. It is the sound of the horse hooves as the herd runs in the pasture in the spring time and it is the knicker, they give me when they see me at the gate. Joy, joy, joy!

Each example of joy brought tears to my eyes as I wrote them. That is how I know it is joy, the deep emotion that accompanies the memory. If I am not experiencing joy or even happiness I just need to go back and visit the past to remember what brings me joy and do more of that.  

What brings you joy in your life? It is a worthy question to explore and get to know about yourself.

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