The Blind Spot

Horses have a way of seeing you through an authentic lens. They can almost see 360 degrees because the placement of their eyes on either side of the head. The only place they can't see is their blind spot, which is directly behind them. 

This got me thinking about my own personal blind spot, areas in my life that I have sabotaged myself or fell short of my own goals. In the leadership coaching work we do we reveal cognitive blind spots so that clients can identify what their obstacle is and plan practices to implement to move beyond it. However, there is always a squeaky wheel behavior that pops up and aptly completes the sabotage job.    

In an article by Dr. Guy Winch, Psychology Today, writes - "Most of us would like to correct our mistakes as we are not purposefully sabotaging our goals. However, in order to correct a mistake we first have to see it as such and recognize the element that went awry. The problem is we do not see the real mistake because we have competing ideas about what the ‘problem’ was that direct our attention away from our characteristic errors and toward other culprits such as ‘luck’, ‘timing’, and other external causes, or we focus on justifications and explanations that do not promote further inquiry such as “I guess it just wasn’t meant to be” or “I'll just have to try harder next time” (when we should try going about things differently). This is the definition of a 'blind spot'."

In the picture Cosmo is assisting me with a blind spot. She is saying to me I see you. Which means that she does sense my tense energy around moving towards my goals. I am an adult child of recovered alcoholics - so you can imagine my well working perfectionist and saboteur chip is working overtime! In order to overcome this cycle of thinking and interrupt the process I have found I have to come from an authentic place.  Authentic is to be true to oneself. Horses aren't interested in the inauthentic. Horses provide us with the opportunity to see ourselves through their eyes where we are genuine and real. To be authentic is where the work begins!

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