Spring is Coming

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to kiss this winter goodbye! It has been a season filled with change, tragedies, and deep self-reflection. In almost every conversation recently, I have heard the theme of pain that inflicts the heart and soul. People are dealing with a lot in life in general. It could be changes or loss of relationships, illness or aging that is affecting the family, or even the loss of dear loved ones.

It is no wonder that this kind of stress is bearing down during this time of massive change. I think bears and other animals who hibernate are wise to “sleep” through the hard winters. We unfortunately must weather the storms that life brings us. The ominous saying made famous by Game of Thrones is Winter is Coming applies to the season we are in. Winter is here and frankly this time it isn’t pleasant. I think about the story of the bow and arrow, as it relates to change. The arrow must be pulled way back in order to catapult forward. We must experience the darkness to get thrust into the light.

The optimistic part about this process is that we do not need to stay in this place for long but long enough to learn the valuable life lesson. As I reflect on this process of change, I can see the light and the warmth of what is to come. I am excited about what is ahead for all of us. Like the child in the picture sitting in the field of flowers, facing the rising sun, eyes most likely closed, is accepting the new possibilities of what is to come. How can we tap into our inner child to learn patience and acceptance as the sun rises and we learn to live our new normal? I know one thing is certain…Spring is Coming and what a glorious season it will be. See you in the sunshine!      

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