Mind the Gap

For anyone who has taken the subway in London close your eyes and bring yourself back to that experience, coming up to the next station and the doors open and passengers depart and enter the car. Can you hear the woman’s voice almost in the background that repeatedly says mind the gap from the speakers? This verbal reminder was employed by the subway for safety measures to keep passengers safe – no doubt. As a coach, I immediately thought of a new way to repurpose this phrase – a method to keeping our minds safe from harm.  

Mind the gap can be used as a coaching tool. This phrase quickly identifies the space between personal truth and everything else. I learned that we can only control our own thoughts and actions. It is silly to think we “know” what someone else is thinking or feeling. Unless, they have personally shared their thoughts and feelings.  I am a storyteller and I have a knack of filling in the gap with stories what could potentially be award winning and overly dramatic. My emotions gladly follow on the rollercoaster that leaves me feeling depleted and unfocused. It is these kinds of actions and behaviors that rob us of the fruits of our personal harvest. It leaves us depleted.

When the focus is brought back to us and we honor our personal truth we find our center again. The classic saying of mind your own business is much like mind the gap. If we aren’t careful with our minds we could trip and fall. We can save ourselves the pain and misery and a lot of wasted energy by focusing on what really matters – YOU.

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