Meet the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation!

Since 1994, the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation (MHARF) in Zimmerman, Minnesota, has been rescuing, rehabilitating, retraining and re-homing horses and other animals in distress. Just as dozens of humane societies offer dogs and cats a second chance at a loving home, MHARF finds permanent, caring adoptive homes for horses and other animals. Some of their horses and other animals are young and sound. Others are injured, ill due to extreme neglect, starved, or simply very old.

Each year, MHARF rescues as many horses as they possibly can. But for every horse they help, there are dozens they must pass up because the cost of caring for abused and neglected horses is so high.

Full Stride Leadership created the Great Save! campaign to accomplish two goals - for people to boldly wear an empowering word that taps into inner greatness that supports forward life momentum and to fund the initiative of MHARF in saving the lives of our four legged friends by making a donation available from every item that is purchased.

Check out our Great Save! - Every Horse has a Story Video 

To learn more about MHARF click here:

Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation 

We thank you Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation including all employees, volunteers, and donors for your GREAT SAVE!

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