Lyle - The End of an Era

I will remember you when the spring breeze blows, and when soft rain drops fall on the pasture. There will not be a day when I don’t see you grazing in the lush green grass or rolling in the field. I will remember you at sunset at the end of long summer days. I will think of you in the autumn when the leaves turn color, robust reds and yellow, as they fall from the trees. I will see the snowflakes and think of your white spots against your thick deep brown coat.

I will remember how you nuzzled me and smelled my hair. I will remember how you pushed me to be my best self, for you saw me for who I really am. And you were never afraid to tell me that I was doing it wrong or doing it right. You believed in me, so much so, that it made me believe in myself.

Your passing on the eclipse leaves us with our final lesson from you. What do we need to eclipse out of our lives, what do we need to let go of, and what do we need to grow? What new reality is in store? And that is what we bravely need to figure out.   

Where we once walked together, I now walk alone, an empty halter and lead rope. I will carry your memory in my heart as we continue the good work.

When I was in the pasture with you for the last time know that the bald eagle flew in the sky calling out a leader’s goodbye. A great horse and a great loss.  

Goodbye my horse heart, friend, and teacher. Your memory will live on in every step I take in all the work that is to come. Thank-you for helping me lay a strong foundation in our work and deeply moving all the people who came to see you. Thank you for authentically loving me and showing me how to authentically love. Meet me at the end of the rainbow bridge at heaven’s gate where we will walk together on green pastures.  There will be much to celebrate when I finally make it there for this is just the beginning. I know you will be with me in my heart as we journey Full Stride ahead!

To view Lyle's beautiful tribute video click here: 

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  • What a beautiful tribute to Lyle. My heart goes out to you for your loss. As you said, Lyle will be with you always, the memory of your deep connection, the wisdom and authenticity of his coaching will continue as you go Full Stride ahead.

    Pam Rusten

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