Inner Strength is Centered

Strength is an inner power and force. Horses teach us how to harness that power, so we can feel grounded and connected to our core. Horses are naturally grounded and present being quadrupedal, having four feet beneath, makes them perfectly suited to teach us about strength and being centered.

The Word Horse by Beth Peterson shares that Strength is “a force inside you can discern what is important, what you want to get help with, and what you want to let go of at this moment. That is your inner strength. Feeling your inner strength is finding your center again. Grounding leads to finding and holding your center. You have an inner strength. Feel it. Know it. Use it.”

To honor the range of emotions, present in a human experience takes inner strength. I need to remind myself that it is "ok" to feel and express my emotions, good, bad or indifferent, especially in front of my son. I have the awesome task of raising a 4-year-old boy, and I have learned that I can’t wrap him in a bubble or try to mow down any obstacles for him. If I continue to do so I am actively clipping his wings before he even starts to fly. It is in the hard life moments when we find resolve and resilience. It is during those moments when we feel and understand our inner strength. My wish for my son is to have him experience his inner strength by being himself and having the confidence to do so. To listen to his heart and not the external and sometimes internal life critics. The best way to teach him is to show him how by practicing good self-care, being in the moment, and giving myself the gift of not being “perfect” but being me.  

What could be possible if you embraced, honored, and committed to being yourself?

Inner strength is centered. One can’t be found without the other. During this busy holiday time create time to be, breathe deeply, and soak in the experiences around you. By doing so you will actively make memories that will last a lifetime by simply just being you - the greatest gift of all!

Photo by Bas Masseus from Pexels 

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