A Wish for a Great Save!

On the eve of my 42nd birthday, I think about how fast 2018 has gone for me! This was the year I opened Full Stride Leadership to bring my love of horses and leadership development together as a profession. 

Tomorrow, I launch my Great Save! campaign. I have worked on this concept for months and appreciate all the people who supported me to make this happen! My goal is to make a difference for people and horses. I have fallen in love with Fletcher, Hurricane, and Gordon at the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation. When I see them, I see Lyle - a horse who saved me and now we can save them! To watch my birthday wish click on the link.

A Wish for a Great Save! 

Lyle is my lead horse coach, teacher and best horse friend. I have worked with him for over 6 years. He saved me from a very dark time in my life. I promised him that I will be his voice and work hard to save others, especially our hooved friends. To watch where my story began click on the link. 

 A Story of a Horse Who Saved Me

We thank you for your GREAT SAVE!

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