Horse Wisdom

  • I Close My Eyes to See

    In 2017, a musical film called The Greatest Showman debuted with a wonderful song list. A notable song in the lineup is called A Million Dreams, ...
  • Who or What is Stealing Your Thunder?

    It is spring again, and it is always a time of renewal, revival and restoration for life goals. After a hard winter, the spring energy is welcomed because it is light, bright and hopeful. Change is in the air and this season has begun to sprout excitement and engagement.
  • What Brings You Joy?

    What brings you joy? This is a question I asked my husband and it has been a question that has been on my mind lately. I think of joy as being a surge of emotions like a burst of energy. My husband asked me if joy was like happiness and I think they are related but different.
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

    At the time of life’s disruption, it seductively appears to be easier to deflect the blame on to someone or something else for your troubles; but in the end we only need to go as far as look into the mirror to know where the work needs to begin.
  • A Season of Change

    A reason, a season, or a life time is a phrase used to make sense of the ebb and flow of life. Somehow this mentality makes change easier to comprehend. 
  • Spring is Coming

    Like the child in the picture sitting in the field of flowers, facing the rising sun, eyes most likely closed, is accepting the new possibilities of what is to come.
  • Mind the Gap

    Mind the gap can be used as a coaching tool. This phrase quickly identifies the space between personal truth and everything else.
  • Lyle - The End of an Era

    I will remember how you nuzzled me and smelled my hair. I will remember how you pushed me to be my best self, for you saw me for who I really am. And you were never afraid to tell me that I was doing it wrong or doing it right. You believed in me, so much so, that it made me believe in myself. 
  • Proceeding On…

    One of the ways to build resilience is to create a lens that failure is feedback, an opportunity to learn, make changes and proceed on.
  • Inner Strength is Centered

    Strength is an inner power and force. Horses teach us how to harness that power, so we can feel grounded and connected to our core. Horses are naturally grounded and present being quadrupedal, having four feet beneath, makes them perfectly suited to teach us about strength and being centered.
  • Let Go and Be Free!

    In our leadership coaching program, we believe that to Let Go is to boldly move forward consciously and leave behind the things that don't serve us. Horses do not live in the past or the future they live in the present. They show us how to let go.
  • Swinging for the Fences with Unbridled Enthusiasm

    I have experienced the process of becoming unbridled more than once. For me each time was a great risk because my inner voice started challenging ...