Horse Wisdom

  • Proceeding On…

    One of the ways to build resilience is to create a lens that failure is feedback, an opportunity to learn, make changes and proceed on.
  • Inner Strength is Centered

    Strength is an inner power and force. Horses teach us how to harness that power, so we can feel grounded and connected to our core. Horses are naturally grounded and present being quadrupedal, having four feet beneath, makes them perfectly suited to teach us about strength and being centered.
  • Let Go and Be Free!

    In our leadership coaching program, we believe that to Let Go is to boldly move forward consciously and leave behind the things that don't serve us. Horses do not live in the past or the future they live in the present. They show us how to let go.
  • Swinging for the Fences with Unbridled Enthusiasm

    I have experienced the process of becoming unbridled more than once. For me each time was a great risk because my inner voice started challenging ...
  • The Authentic YES vs. the Authentic NO

    I must earn my role as the boss every time I interact with the horses on my leadership team. Every time my boots land on their turf I am being assessed by the herd as I approach them. I work hard to show up authentically in the present moment, I remind them of who I am and what my purpose is for our time together. 
  • The Blind Spot

    In the leadership coaching work we do we reveal cognitive blind spots so that clients can identify what their obstacle is and plan practices to implement to move beyond it. However, there is always a squeaky wheel behavior that pops up and aptly completes the sabotage job.    
  • A Dream Moment - The Great Save!

    A dream come true - The Great Save! I was saved by Lyle, a beautiful horse, after experiencing an unexpected loss. He filled my heart and gave me hope for a bright future. I promised him to be his voice and save our hooved friends through the Great Save!
  • A Wish for a Great Save!

    I have fallen in love with Fletcher, Hurricane, and Gordon at the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation. When I see them, I see Lyle - a horse who saved me and now we can save them! 
  • Meet the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation!

    We thank you Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation including all employees, volunteers, and donors for your GREAT SAVE!
  • Spark of Hope – A Horse who Heals

    Meeting Lyle was not a coincidence, it was destiny.  Lyle and I were brought together for a purpose.